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1. Can my child’s case be transferred to another county or state?
2. Who can I speak with if I have a concern involving the way my child’s case is being managed?
3. Where do I make or send court ordered payments?
4. Why does my child have to do community service hours with a probation work crew?
5. Will my child be subjected to drug testing and why?
6. What do I do if I am having difficulties reaching my child’s probation officer and he/she is not returning my calls?
7. Can my child’s period of probation be terminated early (e.g., in eight months instead of 12)?
8. Can I petition that my child’s juvenile court records be destroyed?
9. Does my child need to abide by a daily curfew?
10. Why does my child have to wear an orange vest while performing community service work hours with a probation crew?