• Looking at all the pier caps in place for the bridge with large hills in the background.
  • Looking east from west abutment with all pear caps in place.
  • Bridge piers being set up for the bridge.
  • The supports for the bridge are set and ready.
  • Construction equipment all around the new bridge piers.
  • The bridge piers stand ready to support the bridge.
  • Workers inspect the new piers.
  • Public workers look at the new piers.
  • Construction vehicles operate around the piers.
  • Piers stand ready for the rest of the bridge to be installed.
  • Worker makes an inspection under a pier.
  • Public workers finish the piers.
  • Workers finish with the pier installation.
  • Piers stand under the deep blue sky.
  • Piers stand between some tall hills.
  • Workers finish working on the piers.
  • The bridge seen stretching across the mighty river.
  • Steel bars inside one of the piers.
  • Concrete slabs stretch from pier to pier.
  • The pier holds the weight of the concrete bridge.
  • The bridge seen from below stretching across the river.
  • Full view of the bridge.
  • View of the new bridge from far away.
  • A pier supports the weight of the bridge.
  • A big truck moves toward the bridge.
  • The bridge is set up, cranes and large hills in the distance.
  • A far off picture of the bridge, visible between some trees
  • Picture of the bridge over some trees in the distance.

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