• East side of the bridge, looking West.
  • New railroad crossing guards under construction.
  • New cattle guards for the East side.
  • Mud puddle sits along the West side of the bridge.
  • Pier number 5 under the bridge.
  • Scaffloding stretching up under the bridge.
  • A large dirt mound supports the end of the bridge.
  • Fresh dirt raises up around the end of the bridge.
  • Trucks and construction vehicles all around the bridge.
  • Girder joints ready to be installed.
  • Form work being placed on the new bridge.
  • Large hills reach up to the sky on the East side of the bridge.
  • Wooden planks line the bridge as the form work.
  • Black tarps cover the newly poured bridge deck in order to prevent cracking.
  • Newly poured bridge deck covered to prevent cracking

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