• Asphalt roller finishes leveling the road in front of some train tracks.
  • The black top has been laid, with the bridge visible in the distance.
  • A machine moves along the road, making the surface level and smooth.
  • A worker walks along the freshly laid road.
  • Asphalt gets processed between 3 machines before being carefully put in place.
  • The machines place fresh asphalt for a new road.
  • The dirt road is level and prepared for a more sturdy surface.
  • Machines get ready to lay out the new road surface.
  • A truck passes under the West side of the bridge.
  • The Santa Cruz River runs underneath the new bridge.
  • Picture looking east, along the brige.
  • Picture under the bridge, looking west.
  • Photo looking West, along a dirt road, with the bridge visible in the distance.
  • Constructing the rail road crossing and cattle guard.
  • Looking from one side of the bridge to the other.
  • Picture taken on the bridge looking at a hill on the other side.
  • A slab of concrete on the bridge with
  • Picture looking West with the sidewalk and railing under construction.
  • Picture taken on the Bridge looking at the hills to the East.
  • Picture from the top of the bridge looking to the hilly landscape on the West.
  • Photo taken on the bridge, looking at the landscape behind the rails.
  • The road approaching the bridge still just dirt.
  • Cars parked along the dirt road.
  • Picture of the intersection with Frontage Road looking East.
  • Dirt road meets the new bridge from the west.

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