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  • Important Application Information


      Revision Date: August, 2012 Page File an application on or before the closing date noted on the vacancy bulletin /website in order to be considered for the position. Complete all items on the application. Do no t answer items with “see attached” , this may cause your application to be considered incomplete. Your completed application will remain on file for a period of one year from the date of submittal. A competitive exam may be administered to rate prospectiv e employees. The exam may include written, oral, performance, or rating of training and experience measurement. Individuals selected for employment may be required to take a medical exam and/or a drug screening at County expense. DO NOT resign your curre nt position until you are notified that you have passed the exam and have received a definite starting date. Additionally, i ndividuals will be required , in accordance with Federal law, to provide documentation showing citizenship or right to employment. I f you are required to take an exam and you are successful on the exam(s), your name will be placed on the eligible list for c onsideration as vacancies occur. Placement on the list does not guarantee employment. VACATION, SICK LEAVE & HOLIDAYS Each full - t ime permanent employee earns a minimum of thirteen ( 13 ) days vacation leave and thirteen ( 13 ) days sick leave per year at the rate of four ( 4 ) hours per pay period. Employees can use accumulated vacation leave after their probation period has been complet ed. In addition the County observes ten ( 10 ) holidays per year. RETIREMENT The County participates in the Arizona State Retirement System, State of Arizona Corrections Officer Retirement Plan and the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System. Pa rticipation is mandatory upon appointment as a full - time probationary employee. Both the County and the Employee contribute into the system which pays benefits based upon highest years of compensation and years of credited servic e. INSURANCE Medical, Lif e, Long - term Disability, Short - term Disability, and Dental insurance coverage is provided for all full - time permanent employees on the first of the month following thirty (30) days of employment. Eligible dependents may be included in the medical and dent al plans for an additional cost to the employee. All insurance options will be explained at new employee orientation shortly after an employee starts w ork. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Santa Cruz County is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, implementing an Affirmative Action Program adopted by the Board of Supervisors. It is the intent of the County to have all segments of the community represented at all levels of County govern ment.