School Superintendent's Office


2150 N Congress Dr. Ste 107
Nogales, AZ 85621


Link: Superintendent Page

Name Title Email Phone
Alvarez, Ally Gear-Up Success Coach (520)375-7961
Barber, Renee Office Clerk (520)375-7940
Barraza-Preciado, Patricia Accounting Specialist (520)375-7945
Brubaker, Robert Special Projects (520)375-7940
Chamberlain, Adrian Secretary (520)375-7939
Chiquete-Bolaina, Marisol Bookkeeper (520)375-7943
Corella, Melissa C-CREO Gear-up Administrative Assistant (520)375-7960
Davila, Sandra C-CREO Gear-up College Center Liaison (520)394-7707
Donnelly, Maya CREO and Technolochicas Lift Program Director (520)375-7947
Feria, Alma Parent Educator (520)375-7955
Gallegos , Melissa Parent Educator (520)375-7955
Grijalva, Rene C-CREO Gear-up Success Coach (520)375-7961
Gracia, Alexandra Parent Educator (520)375-7954
Martinez, Luis Office Clerk   (520)375-7940
Mezquita, Ericka Parent Educator (520)375-7955
Parra, Georgina Los Padres Program Director (520)375-7954
Rivera, Danna Ray of Light Academy Director (520)375-7956
Sanchez, Sonia C-CREO Gear Up Success Coach (520)375-7961
Sprigg, Terri HSG Program Director (520)375-7952
Tapia, Grissel C-Creo Gear Up Success Coach (520)375-7961
Velásquez, Alfredo I. County School Superintendent (520)375-7940
Young, Christopher A Chief Deputy (520)375-7944