Manuel Ruiz

Title: Chairman / District 1
Phone: 520-375-7632
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Supervisor Manuel Ruiz

As I begin my 5th term as Supervisor, my goals are to continue to work and establish a better working relationship with the City of Nogales as it is very important that we develop that trust to make a greater impact on the quality of life for all our residents and no one entity can make this happen by themselves. By working together we can make this a model community for all of our residents to have the opportunity to succeed. I have been very fortunate in having leadership positions in state, national, and local associations. This has allowed me to exchange ideas and problems with other elected officials across the nation both to find creative solutions to issues and ask them how they solved some of the same issues we have in common. Every day there are opportunities to work with local organizations to create and improve the quality of life for all our residents.

I have served on the Nogales Unified School District Board for 22 years and understand the importance of quality education in economic development for our community. As the Public Works Director for the City of Nogales, I worked very hard on improving our infrastructure, both streets, and utilities, as they are vital if we want to attract good-paying businesses to our community.

I earned my AA degree from Cochise College with honors in 2006 and in 2008 I earned my Public Manager Certificate from Arizona State University.

Personal Information
I am a lifelong resident of Nogales and Santa Cruz County. My wife Lupita and I have been married for 38 years and are the proud parents of 2 children (a young man and a young lady) living in Phoenix, Arizona who are furthering their education and working to become productive members of our society. 


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