Public Records Request

Santa County, as a public body, and its officers are responsible for maintaining all records reasonably necessary or appropriate to maintain an accurate knowledge of their activities. Permanent public records must be maintained by the requirements of ARS §39-101 and other state and federal laws.  Other public records must be maintained by ARS §39-121.01(B) and (C) unless properly disposed of under ARS §41-1344, §41-1347, and §41-1351. Public records include all books, papers, maps, photos, and documentary materials produced or kept by a public official in pursuance of a duty or to document the activities of a public body. 

Several legal provisions govern Santa Cruz County’s response to any request for public information, which includes: The Public Records Act; ARS §39-121 through §39-124; The Open Meeting Law, ARS §38-431; various information-specific state statutes and administrative regulations designating particular information as either subject to public access or as being confidential; and, the body of law interpreting these provisions as reported in court decisions and opinions of the Arizona Attorney General.

To inspect or reproduce public records of Santa Cruz County, all inquiries must be made in writing using a Public Records Request Form for either Commercial or Non-Commercial purposes and submitted via the online form available below, email to or mail to 2150 N. Congress Dr. Room 119 Nogales, AZ 85621, or fax (520) 761-7843.

Online Public Records Request Form

Printable Public Records Request Form 

If you are requesting court case documents or law enforcement reports please contact the following departments via email or phone number (click on the department name):  

Santa Cruz County Superior Court                               Santa Cruz County Justice of the Peace
(520) 375-7300                                                                 Traffic:(520) 375-7760  Criminal:(520) 375-7761 Civil: (520) 375-7762

Santa Cruz County Clerk of the Superior Court         Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department
(520) 375-7700                                                                 (520) 375-5200