2021 Read Across America

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Read Across America/Read on Santa Cruz County Week

 The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office and School Superintendent Alfredo I. Velásquez, celebrated, along with 15 Private, Charter, and Public Elementary Schools within our county, National Read Across America/Dr. Seuss Week from

March 01, 2021 – March 05, 2021.

With the coordination of Ms. Patricia Barraza-Preciado (Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office,) the schools throughout our county had over 78 volunteers conduct virtual visits and read to each classroom in our educational community. The main goal of this annual event is to encourage our children to read and to love reading at an early age. It’s one of the most significant actions we can accomplish as parents and as a community. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office would like to thank each and everyone who volunteered a couple of hours of their busy day to participate in this wonderful event. The children of Santa Cruz County, THANK YOU as well.


Ms. Lee Ann Richards (McDonald’s sponsor)

Mr. James Quinet (McDonald’s sponsor)


Representative Andrea Dalessandro

Sheriff David Hathaway

Mrs. Karen Hathaway

Chief Deputy Mario Morales

Chief Roy Bermudez

Chief Carlos Jimenez

Mr. Rudy Molera (SCC Supervisor)

Mr. Alfredo Velasquez (SCC School Superintendent)

Ms. Suzie Sainz (SCC Recorder)

Mr. Juan Pablo Guzman (SCC Clerk of Courts)

Lieutenant Gerry Castillo

Lieutenant Raoul Rodriguez

Corporal Oscar Mesta

Lt. Juan Bermudez

Lt. Veronica Hernandez

Division Supervisor Steve Snead

Sgt. Oscar Lechuga

Sgt. Basilio Angulo

Officer Victor Hetherington

Officer Martin Quezada

Mrs. Cynthia Matus-Morriss

Dr. Stella Perez

Ms. Georgina Tavera

Mr. Fernando Parra

Mrs. Angel Canto

Mrs. Mayra Zuniga

Ms. Alba Quijano

Ms. Claudia Wise

Mr. Robert Astengo

Mr. Nohe Garcia

Mrs. Cecilia Kory

Mr. Fernando Sandoval

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Coppola

Mrs. Adriana Romero

Ms. Lourdes Jeong

Mr. John Hays

Mrs. Susan Faubion

Mrs. Christine Bachelier

Mr. Peter Hooper

Mr. Francisco Padilla

Mrs. Christina Pereda

Mrs. Romina Bermudez

Mrs. Patty Azcue

Mrs. Maria Martinez

Mrs. Sonia Jones

Mrs. Alicia Valenzuela

Mr. Luis Preciado

Ms. Berenice Arellano

Mr. Chris Young

Mrs. Maya Donnelly

Ms. Terri Sprigg

Ms. Christie Monreal

Mrs. Maritza Cervantes

Ms. Liz Tolano

Mr. Chris Bierle

Mr. Adrian Chamberlain

Mrs. Marisol Chiquete

Mrs. Melissa Gallegos

Mr. Evan Kory

Mr. Robert Brubaker

Ms. Paloma Barraza

Ms. Alma Feria

Ms. Georgina Parra

Mrs. Ruth Plascencia

Mrs. Patricia Barraza-Preciado

Mrs. Sonia Sanchez

Ms. Grissel Tapia

Ms. Ally Alvarez

Mrs. Danna Rivera

Mrs. Ely Alcantara

Mrs. Sandra Davila

Tubac FF Marc Caschera

Tubac FF Ricky Rodriguez

Tubac FF Rudy Romero

Mr. Luis Martinez

Mrs. Erika Mezquita

Mr. Emmanuel Rodriguez