High Profile Cases

The Courts in Santa Cruz County are committed to ensuring the public’s access to Court Services, and to the delivery of fair and timely justice.

We believe that the public and the court’s interests are best served when information about the court’s work and the execution of its responsibilities are reported in an accurate and timely manner. To that end, the court will make every reasonable effort to provide timely access to hearings and public records within the constraints of the Arizona Supreme Court’s Rules (Rules 122 and 123), local Administrative Order 2011-003, and the court’s resources.

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The Presiding Judge will identify a specific case as a case with potentially high public interest, and Court Administration will coordinate with the Clerk’s Office to ensure all public documents are posted to this website area for ease of access by the public and media personnel. Every effort will be made to accomplish this within 24 hours of the document completion.

Case Title Case Number Court
State of AZ. Vs. David Murillo S1200CR201800216 Criminal