Ray of Light Academy


Danna Rivera
Ray of Light
Program Director

AZ State Juvenile Detention Standards

SCC Juvenile & Adult Detention Secure Care Special Education 

Ray of Light Academy Official Policies & Procedures

Every Child Can Achieve – No Exceptions

Ray of Light Academy is a division of the Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools, providing education services to detained youth, ages 8 – 18, in Santa Cruz County.  The Academy is accredited through Cognia, and is a year-round school that operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:40pm.​​

All students have the opportunity to achieve academic success while attending Ray of Light Academy, and credits earned are transferable to their home schools.  Students are able to recover credit, study required courses for graduation, practice basic skills, learn and practice life skills, and reflect during their stay.  Classes are provided in English and Spanish, as many of our students do not speak English. ​​

The ultimate goal of the Education Program is to cause an impact on detainee’s behavior, change their way of thinking, strengthen educational gains, and provide transition services that go beyond the ordinary within a limited amount of time all while building self-worth, self-confidence, as well as learning how to value and respect others.