First Things First, Home Visitation Grant


Georgina Romero 

Lead Parent Educator / Director

Los Padres son Los Primeros Profesores (“Los Padres”) Home Visitation Grant, was awarded to the Santa Cruz County School’s Superintendent’s Office by the First Things First Regional Partnership Council in July 2018. “Los Padres” Home Visitation Grant Provides a hands on approach to learning through parent-child interaction and teaches the importance of learning through play. All families with children ages 0-48 months are eligible to participate in the program in addition to teen parents, first time parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, and court appointed legal guardians. The team is comprised of 6 Parent Educators: Georgina Romero-Parra, Melissa Gallegos, Zulema Lozano-Monreal, Ericka Mezquita, Ruth Plascencia and Tanya Daniela Perez.