About Us

Our Maxim

​Students are a depiction of the future and our educational community works hard to keep it bright. To sustain a standard of educational excellence the Superintendent’s office steadily collaborates and communicates with schools, teaching professionals, and other educational contributors. We strive to provide every school with the resources necessary to succeed. Our efforts provide assets for students such as counseling services, educational programs, and other beneficial academic institutions. Additionally, our toil also affords professional development for teachers and other academic mavens. The department’s objective is to foster educational opportunities in Santa Cruz County and manage capital to fortify a foundation of scholars. Furthermore, our maxim is to coordinate resources, maintain standards of education, and continue to support scholastic functions to a prosperous educational system.


Fiscal Responsibilities

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent's Office serves as the fiscal agent to all school districts within our jurisdiction and acts as a liaison to the Arizona Department of Education. Moreover, our role in the Santa Cruz County educational community is to operate as an overseeing financial entity with a vast array of functions. These functions include procedural responsibilities such as budget assistance, auditing, and approving payments of payroll and expense vouchers submitted by school districts. Additionally, we are accountable for apportioning school monies, collaborating with the county treasury, and establishing a network of financial records. In basic terms, the Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s office is the proprietor of financial transactions and appropriately distributes monies for each school district.

                                                   Other Educational Accommodations

Along with basic administrative functions the Santa Cruz County Superintendent's Office also:
  • Distributes laws, apprises amended school policies, & coordinates elections for school districts
  • Maintains records of school personnel certification records
  • Complies with policies and regulations set by the Arizona Department of Education
  • Provide assistance to all educational institutions under the county's visibility
  • Assist and authorize the disposition or utilization of student data
  • Provide staff development
  • Standardize a new curriculum alignment
  • Succor schools to fulfill the annual progress goal set by the Arizona State Board of Education
  • Apportion monies delegated from a federally provided fund
  • Engage and distribute the equalization monies drawn from the designated state fund for education
  • Register Homeschooled Students