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NEW! You can now apply for permits, upload submittals and plans. The first time you enter the site to apply for a permit, you will need to register and create a password. Please follow the instructions and if you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us at 

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New Certificate of Elevation Guidance

Instructions to Apply Online


We will no longer send early reminders in the mail of building permit expiration. You will receive a notice one month before the permit expires and no further notices will be sent.


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Notice to Contractors

Please supply the Building Department with a copy of your Annual Bond Exemption Certificate.

Permit Payments

     Two payments will be required:

  • One at the time of the plan submittal 
  • One when the permit is issued 

The permit fee payment will not be accepted until the permit is issued.

Important Forms

Building Code

The 2012 International Building Codes became effective for all construction in the unincorporated areas of the County on September 1, 2013. Read the ordinance online now.

The Santa Cruz County Building Code regulates the use, occupancy, location and quality of materials used in construction. Our purpose is to safeguard life, limb, health, property and the public welfare through plan reviews and inspections of buildings and structures as required by our County Code.

Solar Permits

Solar Permits require stamped engineering for gravity and uplift loads.

Mission Statement

To consistently provide plan review and inspection information and services in a professional, fair, courteous, timely and effective manner to builders, developers and homeowners who do construction within the lawfully designated unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County where the building code applies.

Division Goals & Objectives

Provides inspection, plan review and investigative services to unincorporated areas of the county and also to those cities that have entered into intergovernmental agreements (IGA) with the county to provide building code services.
Provides plan review and inspection services for county construction projects
Maintains and administers the County's adopted building codes