Court Administration


Mission - To provide access to justice to everyone in a respectful and dignified way.

Vision - All court customers will feel they were served in a professional, fair and thoughtful way by court administration staff.

Core Values - We are honest, principled, dedicated, customer service oriented and committed to fair justice for all.

Services/Programs/Systems managed and/or provided to the Superior Court and/or the public through the Court Administration office:

     1.  Arizona Criminal Justice Information System/Justice Web Interface
     2.  Caseflow Management
     3.  Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
     4.  Court Calendars
     5.  Court Improvement
     6.  Court Interpreting
     7.  Court Security
     8.  Facilities Management
     9.  Finance/Budget Preparation and Management
     10.  Information Technology
     11.  Judicial Enforcement
     12.  Law Library
     13.  Self-Represented Litigant
     14.  Training/Professional Development

Duties of the Court Administrator (pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court rule 93):

(1)  Compile and maintain records and statistics of pending cases and other business of the court;

(2)  Assign all motions, pretrials, trials and other matters for disposition, and maintain and publish all assignments and calendars;

(3)  Advise the parties or their attorneys of the status of the various calendars;

(4)  Coordinate with the clerk of the court to accomplish the prompt and orderly disposition of the business of the court;

(5)  When so designated by the presiding judge, act as a court commissioner;

(6)  Prepare the budget of the court;

(7)  Make suitable courtroom and personnel arrangements for visiting judges;

(8)  Supervise the office of the court administrator and all personnel assigned thereto;

(9)  Perform such other duties as the presiding judge shall direct.


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