Recording Fee Schedule

                               Notice of Recorder’s Fee Change

Pursuant to amendment to A.R.S 11-475 - Recording fee increase; notification required.

As of July 1, 2019, the fee for recording documents will be:

$30.00 for each document.

(This fee includes the fee for Affidavit of Property Value, extra indexing and state surcharge).

Above fees apply whether documents are returned by mail or e-recorded.

Maps, Land Surveys, and all other fees remain the same

(copies, certifications, etc.)


On July 3, 2015 new standardized recording fees will take effect pursuant to A.R.S. § 11-475.

All Deeds of conveyance $15.00 (additional $2.00 for Affidavit of Real Property Value)

All Deeds of Trust/Mortgage $25.00

All Releases of Deed of Trust/Mortgage $10.00

The new standardized fees are set at a flat rate, and include the fees for extra pages and postage and handling.

A person recording a deed of trust or mortgage constructed for at least one family but not more than four families shall include “RESIDENTIAL 1-4” in the caption heading on the first page of each document. Failure to comply with this subsection does not affect the validity of the document or the validity of the recording of the document.

An additional fee of $3 will be assessed for:                                                          Each additional indexing category on the same instrument.                                  Each additional transaction on the same instrument.

Effective July 3, 2015
Each deed that transfers, conveys or affects an interest in real property $15.00
Each deed of trust or mortgage                                                              $25.00
Each release of deed of trust or mortgage                                                    $10.00

All other Instruments
Unless otherwise specified
Up to 5 pages: $10
Additional Charges Fee
Each additional page over 5 $1
Maximum charge with additional pages $246
Each additional indexing category $3
Affidavit of property value fee $2

Government Agencies
Base price: $8
Additional Charges Fee
Each additional page over 5 $0.50
Internal Revenue Service - liens and releases $8.00
Arizona Department of Revenue - liens and releases $8.00

Military Discharges
No Charge

Copies of Records
Per page: $1
Additional Charges Fee
Certification of copies $3.00
Government copies $1.50
Government copies $0.50

Request for copies should be in writing, accompanied by advance payment, effective April 3, 2006.

UCC Filings
UCC-1 Fee
Financing Statements $10
Financing Statements with Assignment or Real Property $13

UCC-2 Fee
Financing Statement Changes $10
Termination, Satisfaction, or Releases $10
With Property $13
Partial Release $10

UCC-3 Fee
Information Search (Per Name) $10
For Each Item Found $1
For Copies (Per Page) $1

Affidavit of Performance of Annual Labor
Base price: $15

Maps & Plats
Shall be original legibly drawn on mylar or linen.
Service Fee
First Page $24
Each Additional Sheet $20
Government Agencies $14
Each Additional Sheet $10
  • Subdivisions: 24”X 36” with left margin of 2”, accurate scale not exceeding 200’=1.”
  • Land Survey: 18”X 24” with left margin of 2”, accurate scale not exceeding 400’=1.”
  • Any map not exceeding 8.5” x 14” may be recorded as a standard document, or attached to a document as an “Exhibit.” The standard fee will be charged. It will not be indexed as a map.
Copies of Maps Fee
11 x 17 $2
18 x 24 $3
24 x 36 $4

Precinct / District Color Maps Fee
8.5 x 11.0 $2
8.5 x 14.0 $4
11.0 x 17.0 $5
18.0 x 24.0 $15

Recorder's Website Subscription
Service Fee
View Images of All Documents (Per Month) $800
Weekly CD with Recorded Documents $35