Rio Rico Path Project

Extension of the Rio Rico Pedestrian Pathway
Ground Breaking Ceremony for the extension of the Rio Rico Pedestrian Pathway took place on January 31st at 2 p.m.

Public Works Director Jesus J. Valdez talked about the project and introduced speakers:
  • John Fanning: Principal of Coatimundi Middle School
  • Lyle Miller: Pastor
  • Mary Dahl: Director of Community Development
  • Rudy Molera: Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

Pictures of the Ground Breaking Ceremony are available online.

In Attendance
Santa Cruz County Supervisors Manny Ruiz and John Maynard, Carlos Rivera, County Manager, Manuel Coppola from the Nogales International newspaper; representatives of the Most Holy Nativity Catholic Church, Living fellowship Church, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church along with a diverse group of people, listened attentively all about this great project.