Juvenile Probation Services Division (JPSD)

Courts/Probation entrance
Division Duties

  • Prepares pre-disposition reports designed to provide the court and the parties with information which is crucial in making well informed decisions
  • The JPSD supervises approximately 50 offenders on standard probation, 15 offenders on intensive probation and 50 on diversion.
Staff Responsibilities

  • Make use of evidence based practices to maximize the likelihood offenders will make better choices and not require more costly interventions.
  • Officers are committed to serving victims and make recommendations to the court which consider the best interests of the offender and the community. 

  • JPSD staff is also responsible for collecting restitution owed to victims and ensuring juveniles receive much needed treatment and educational services.
  • The division operates a community restitution work program which enables offenders to make amends for what they did.